"Anywone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old" - Franz Kafika.

Joelle Jewels
-Icons of a privileged life.

I am proud to present Joelle Jewels, my fine jewelry
collection. These pieces represent my connection with the
world of travel, where nature in its purest form of energy,
and ultimate degree of, rare beauty.

Daughter of a Belgian diamond dealer, I spent the early
years of my childhood in Africa at the foot of the
diamond mines. Later I returned to the city of my birth,
Milan. I absorbed from my mother, an interior designer
at the time, the refined aesthetic of Milanese elegance
blended with the Italian excellence of craftsmanship in
jewelry, furniture and fashion.

Joelle Jewels maintains the highest standards of precision
and unique tradition made famous by my father's
ateliers in Switzerland. His attuned expertise allowed him to
assess and purchase an important stone via phone in a few
minutes while reading a GIA report talking to close
personal contacts, the best international trade partners in
the industry whether from Antwerp, Tokyo, New
York, Hong Kong, or Tel aviv. He was able to do this
particularly because he had specialized in the premier
segment of the industry.

A close and trusting collaboration with wealthy family
bankers encouraged my parents to jointly launch in the
70's a superb high end jewelry collection which they sold
privately to a highly sophisticated clientele comprised of
personal clients, well-heeled friends and a political attaches
on the Paris-London-Middle East circuit where
dollars and oil were essentially as one.

The collections featured rare gens and diamonds sourced
primarily in Thailand and Africa. Over the years, my
passion for jewelry and my life became one. I was not yet
19 when my first Val Cleef & Arpels diamond parure
was placed around my neck and I was a bit embarrassed
wearing a 7 karat marquise diamond ring on the left
fourth finger as I thought it was too big for me at such a
young age.

Throughout the years, I traveled constantly to distant
lands where my parents and many others could not have
had easy access at that time. I visited Barma where I
stayed in monasteries with monks. In Sri Lanka and
Cambodia, I rode elephants. In Colombia I sailed the
wild sea. In Russia I enjoyed the Tzars' and the world's
finest art. In India, I discovered the luxury of a
Maharani lifestyle. I drank tea in a ceremony in Japan.

Finally, I moved to Brazil where I lived for 26 years,
fortunate enough to immerse myself in the Amazonian rain
forest vibration, the local culture, and its charming,
lovely people. I could not be more thrilled as I have been
able to gather my life's best
gifts into this brand new dual collection.

After all, a diamond, a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald
provide everlasting value, and in these jewels, now your
jewels, because you are a gem, I have the privilege of
creating a classic, timeless design along with the daily
opportunity to bring you the vibrant energy of water, the
powerful magnetism of earth, the vitality of fresh morning
air, the depth of ancient color crimson intensity, the
mystical devotion to life and the appreciation of perfection
within it's natural imperfection: but most of all..
everlasting youth.

- Joelle

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